Thankyou so much for your interest in my services and for wanting to connect with me!

At this time I am on extended leave travelling around Australia with my family and I am not providing Coaching or Clinical Psychology services. While I am travelling in 2019 I will be offering online courses.

The first of these courses is called ‘Mind Taming Techniques’ and is course focused on helping people to learn to skillfully respond to unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. You can learn more about ‘Mind Taming Techniques’ by visiting the online course page or clicking on the link below

During 2019 I will be periodically sending updates via our newsletter and through our Facebook page. Please feel free to stay connected to Synchronicity Psychology in this way during 2019.

When I return to offering Coaching and Psychology sessions these will reappear on the Synchronicity Psychology website and will also be advertised on Facebook and via our newsletter.

Bri x