Free Resources

Values: What are they and why is it important to be living ours?

The video below provides an introduction to core values. It covers why moving towards living our values is important for us. Living our values can help us to create wellbeing, meaning, and to move towards self acceptance.

Learn about unhelpful beliefs and how they may be impacting your life.

The video below explains how unhelpful beliefs affect our lives and how we can learn to work with them differently to create greater wellbeing.

Learn how our thoughts can lead us to suffer twice when life doesn’t go to plan

This video explains how our thoughts can create an extra layer of suffering when things in our lives don’t work out the way that we hope or expect.

New Years Eve Reflection

Below is a free meditation/contemplative practice to start the new year. This practice could also be used to contemplate what is important to you at other times in the year.