Dare to walk your wildest path…

One precious, beautiful, unpredictable and temporary life, this is your gift.
Now, is the only moment in which you are alive and it is the only moment you can be certain that you have to live.
So, figure out what it is that lights you up inside, that stirs you from within, that makes you come alive. The things that move you are not random, they belong to you and are connected to your path.
Chase the dreams that come from that place inside with everything you have got, unapologetically.
Dare to entertain your wildest dreams.
Pour yourself into them….hold nothing back.
Do it your own way…
Know that no-one can offer the world what you can in exactly the same way.
Step outside of the limits of your mind, and remember that everything is possible.
Be grateful for and love the hell out of the journey….
Take your steps with joy, remembering that life, each day and each experience is a gift….
Even the bumps, missteps and the days where the ground dissolves beneath your feet…
Every one of those experiences is an invitation to grow, to look at life again with new eyes, to open more fully to life, and to step forward again with more strength, courage, and wisdom than you had before.
Always remember that you are worthy of living the life you seek, of living the fullest expression of who you are…the life of your wildest dreams.