The courage and magic of owning your story

Become the magic that you are.
What you are seeking exists within you, not outside of you.
It already belongs to you.
It is you.

I’ve had some pretty special days in the office lately. Days where I have been humbled, inspired, moved, and have witnessed some serious courage. The kind of courage that I hope one day will become ordinary, but that in the landscape of our social environment is extraordinary. The kind of courage that doesn’t happen everyday, but that is possible to cultivate as an everyday act. The courage of people who are owning their stories and finding their way back to their authentic selves.

It is something that I can only describe as a privilege to witness someone stepping back into and embodying their authentic self. Seeing someone move beyond their anxiety, the stories that they hold about themselves and the other barriers to living their lives with authenticity. Witnessing someone own and celebrate who they are, and honour and embrace their personal truth is awe inspiring.

Magical is one of the only words that I can think of to describe this kind of courage, truth, and the presence of heart.

Not all of the days of self work feel magical for the person involved. In fact, for the most part this magic is hard won. Owning our story is hard and involves making room for inevitable emotional pain, as we reconnect to and take ownership over the parts of our story and ourselves that we have previously rejected or denied. Often there are also phases and times where there isn’t such rapid forward movement. In these phases you might not feel like you have moved at all. However, as a witness to this work it is possible to see the smaller ripples and undercurrents of change swirling beneath the surface.

There is magic and incredible courage to be witnessed in those days too, there is the embodiment of human spirit and there is great resilience. In those harder moments there is a quiet bubbling away of courage. The acts of courage that permeate these moments in people’s lives may not be seen by anyone else. Often they are also not recognised by the person themselves as courage. However, they are no less than any other more visible act of courage. These hard phases are in every way the bedrock of the magic of becoming who we are. There is no other path to living with authenticity than owning our whole story, even the painful parts, our insecurities and vulnerabilities.

Then there are days where you see someone move out of those tight, tricky, and dark places and stepping back into themselves and creating a life that is meaningful to them. That is an extraordinary thing to witness. It’s not magic of my doing, it’s theirs. I’m merely a guide and a facilitator. My job is to help people to tap into what already belongs to them, or teaching the skills or wisdom with which to do that. However, the work is theirs and the magic is all theirs.

The magic is always within you, not outside of you.

The kind of courage to do the work of connecting to your authentic self, owning your story and living from the place of your own truth is what I like to refer to as authentic courage.