Learn how our thoughts and beliefs influence our ability to be brave

Being brave, Dr Briony Roberts

Being brave doesn’t happen in the absence of fear, it occurs in the presence of fear. Often it occurs with our knees shaking and our hearts racing. Taking courageous action in our lives becomes possible when we learn how to work with fear and vulnerability. A key part of this is being able to work with fear-based thoughts and the negative stories we hold about ourselves. Being able to work with these products of our mind can enable us to take our brave steps forward even in their presence.

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9 ways working with a Life Coach can help you

Dr Briony Roberts, Coaching

If we are lucky in life we may incidentally stumble across an invaluable mentor at one time or another. The wise and often older person that has journeyed before us. Someone who can hold space for us as we ponder our big questions. While mentors sometimes step forward for us when we need them, there can also be times in our lives where we find ourselves lacking of this kind of support. These are the times where a professional Coach can be invaluable.

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Dare to walk your wildest path…

One precious, beautiful, unpredictable and temporary life, this is your gift.
Now, is the only moment in which you are alive and it is the only moment you can be certain that you have to live.
So, figure out what it is that lights you up inside, that stirs you from within, that makes you come alive. The things that move you are not random, they belong to you and are connected to your path.
Chase the dreams that come from that place inside with everything you have got, unapologetically.
Dare to entertain your wildest dreams.

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The courage and magic of owning your story

Become the magic that you are.
What you are seeking exists within you, not outside of you.
It already belongs to you.
It is you.

I’ve had some pretty special days in the office lately. Days where I have been humbled, inspired, moved, and have witnessed some serious courage. The kind of courage that I hope one day will become ordinary, but that in the landscape of our social environment is extraordinary. The kind of courage that doesn’t happen everyday, but that is possible to cultivate as an everyday act. The courage of people who are owning their stories and finding their way back to their authentic selves.

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Living Gratitude: A personal reflection on mortality and living your values.

On rare occasions your life changes dramatically in the space of one day. Sometimes events change us and sometimes people do. Other times an event and a person collide on a particular day, the effect of this collision ripples out into your own life, and you can never go back to being how you were before. The beginning of my learning to live with gratitude at the forefront of my life came as a result of one of those days.

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Overcoming fear and self limiting beliefs in order move out of your comfort zone.

A personal reflection about working with self-limiting beliefs and fear in order to live your values.

On Sunday I am going to Clare Bowditch’s ‘Sing Song Showtime’ workshop at the Abbotsford Convent. I am not a singer. I have never been a singer. At various points in my life, I have been advised by others that I am not a singer. Given this, it is fair to say that going to this workshop involves a giant leap outside of my comfort zone. Working with fear and self limiting beliefs are essential skills for doing the vulnerable work of moving out of your comfort zone.

Booking my place in the workshop all seemed like a very good idea at the time. Two days out, fear and my self limiting beliefs are showing up and I have booking remorse, big time. I also have big mouth regret. Why, oh why, did I tell anyone that I was going to doing this. Here is what is showing up for me as I contemplate doing something far outside of my comfort zone…

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