I’m Bri Roberts, I am a Clinical Psychologist and Coach. At Synchronicity Psychology & Wellbeing Services I hope to empower people to live in ways that create personal wellbeing and meaning.

My core interest is in helping people to develop self acceptance. My experience suggests to me that our wellbeing and meaning in life are intricately connected to our level of self-acceptance.

My services include: Psychology sessions that focus on helping people to develop self acceptance; Coaching services for entrepreneurs, artists, and leaders; and online courses.

I will be taking a break from offering direct client services for a period of time during 2019 while I travel around Australia with my family. During my time away I will be expanding my range of online courses.

Sign ups are currently open for the ‘Mind Taming Techniques’ Course. You can learn more about ‘Mind Taming Techniques’ by clicking the ‘Mind Taming Techniques’ tab on the website menu.

Bri x

Dr Bri Roberts